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Interior Design


Living space is more than just about style and substance or function and form.  It’s about character and personality; about relaxation; about breathing in deeply and sinking into your favourite chair.  A space for the family and a space for friends... A space for living. If you want to refurbish your living space to add a little colour or re-plaster damaged walls, we can help with your redecoration needs.



We have an extensive background and wealth of experience in designing and fitting beautiful kitchens from hand crafted solid wood to the latest materials and funkiest concept designs.  But you don’t have to cook the books to make kitchens affordable, you just need to know where to go for great quality and superb value.  Whether it’s hand crafted or just great value we can help find the perfect kitchen for you and get the best trade price available for your refurbishment.         



Some of our best bathroom designs have come from our customers.  It never ceases to amaze when someone asks the question..... “So could you build one of those that does that?”  Whatever it is we’ll work out a way of doing it if we can.  Our designs start from a blank sheet of paper and are un-restricted by specific brands or ranges so we can generally find exactly what you’re looking for when renovating your bathroom.


Home Office

For some of us, working at home is our everyday job.  For others our home office is a den, a place to keep papers in order or somewhere to watch the football and plug in the play station.  Whatever your use you need somewhere that fits your lifestyle and suits your tastes. We can help refurbish any room in your home to make it the perfect home office for your requirements. 


Call us on 023 9270 4374 for a design appointment and start making your dream home into a reality, or contact us online.

Client Quotes

“We were seeking to have a number of internal structural changes to our Victorian terrace house in addition to a new kitchen, new cloakroom and construction of a small conservatory.
Knowing that a range of skills and different trades would be required, we selected QPS as we wanted the extensive work to be as stress free as possible and this was certainly the case with QPS.
The project was expertly managed by the QPS team which enabled the work to be completed as requested.
We are very happy with the end result and would recommend QPS to others considering such projects.”
Mr A, Private Landlord, Southsea